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Wellcome! My name is Fabrizio Contu, but if you are here you already know.

I was born, luckily for me, in the beautiful island of Sardinia about it am madly in love from the first years of my life. And it is probably this boundless love for the beauty of this land that gave in me a passion for photography. A passion started in the adolescence (I was 13)  when my father bought an analog SLR with a kit of lenses. I take it and from there I started my experience as an autodidact, who unfortunately had dismissed to make room for my other great passion: the football (played). It's been several years and now I'm just an amateur photographer who has discovered, almost by chance, one of his greatest passions of youth. I picked up a digital SLR for the first time in April of 2013 when, driven by curiosity and the passion never died down, I began to attend a basic course in photography. It 'was like turning on inside me the fuse of a bomb, and the effect was really explosive. From then on it was a increased of passion, curiosity, study, experimentation and especially uncontrollable desire to take pictures to capture in one frame emotions and feelings about life moments. A fantastic journey that has only just begun ... If you like to travel with me, follow me through these pages.

Thank you very much!


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